Are you sitting comfortably?

DROP IN to St Mary’s on Saturday 3rd June between 11am and 3pm, to try out the redesigned pew for comfort and give your views.

The new prototype pew  (already tried out by those in our picture) uses the existing oak and elm of the current pews but has remodelled them so that they are not only more comfortable, but with the addition of retractable wheels will allow pews to be moved when needed, enabling the church to be used for a wider range of events.  The individually carved pew ends, dating from the 1880s, are also be retained within the new design.

Plans for the pews have been granted permission by the Diocese of Bristol, but before proceeding further the views of local people are being sought.

Tea, coffee and cake will be available and visitors will also be able to view the wider plans for the church.

St Mary’s is also looking for sponsors for the pews, having already received some generous donations from trusts and individuals.