The Wider Church

The Benefice of Bitton, Syston & Warmley

Since 1980, Bitton has been part of a benefice of three parishes within the Deanery of Kingswood and South Gloucestershire.  There is a shared ministry team between the three parishes. It is a slightly strange combination as geographically the parish only meets at one corner and to travel between Warmley and Bitton by road requires a journey through the parish of Oldland.   This is perhaps one reason why, although many aspects of worship are shared, each parish has retained a level of independence.

Over the forty or so years in which the benefice has been in place, a community has developed and there has been some sharing of resources and endeavour. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the opportunity is taken of holding a benefice service of Holy Communion which rotates between the three parishes.

Deanery of Kingswood & South Gloucestershire

Diocese of Bristol