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The Value of your Support

Being a supporter of St Marys and the future plans costs nothing, but it has immense value.

As plans are developed for the church’s future it is really important that as wide a group of people as possible can contribute to the project and the ongoing development.  Your views are needed to develop plans and ideas about how the church and churchyard can be used and how its heritage can be understood and celebrated.

But it is more than that.  As we seek sponsors for the major changes planned, demonstrating that we have a large body of people who are keen to se the changes happen makes our bid much stronger.

Supporters  don’t have to live locally.  Anyone with an interest in or link to this ancient church is more than welcome to join.

St Mary’s new journey as a community resource and a centre for heritage has a long way to go.  Please join us on that journey as a supporter. Please sign up today and we will send you a regular online newsletter keeping you up to date with progress and inviting you to events.

Please complete our supporters form and join us today.