Sponsor a Pew

There are two ways you can sponsor a pew to be remodelled so that it is both mobile and more comfortable to sit in while still retaining its traditional appearance including the carved pew ends:

  • You can pay the full amount of £1000 by clicking on Donate £1000 ; or,
  • You can set up a standing order to pay by instalments by clicking on  Standing Order.

Please scroll down to learn more about this key aspect of the development plan.

The nave before the first phase of development. It is intended to retain this traditonal look, but with added flexibility to configure the pews in different ways or move them away to provide an open space for other uses.

The back of the pews will be angled to improve comfort and a mechanism will be fitted to allow each pew to be lifted on a cradle and wheeled to where it is needed.

The pews will be slightly shorter but with one of the existing carved ends attached at each end.


The pew will run on three sets of castors, though, when in place, will drop back soundly onto the church floor.

St Mary’s has some beautiful and unusual pews.  Installed in the 1860s and 70s by the then vicar, Henry Nicholson Ellacombe, they are made of oak, and each has an individually carved end.

To meet our request for both flexibility and the retention of pews, our architect has devised a system to enable the pews to be retained while making them mobile.

At present the pews have one carved end, the other is attached to wall panelling. Under the new design the number of pews will be reduced to 20, just one less row than there is at present, but instead of having just one carved end they will now have two and they will be made slightly shorter.  The pews will then be fitted with a mechanism that allows them to be lifted on a set of castors and pushed into what ever position is wanted. The opportunity is also being taken to change the angle of the back of the pews so that they are more comfortable to sit in and they will have cushioning.

We are seeking sponsors for each of the 20 pews it is planned to retain.   Sponsorship is £1000 which you can pay in one go or spread  over 20 months.

Sponsorship of a pew does not ascribe any ownership or privilege in respect of its future use or maintenance.  Pews will not be marked or named in any way.  However, sponsors will be informed of the pew that their money has been used to transform and the distinctive pew ends on it.  It is not possible to choose particular pew ends as each one will have to be assessed for its retention and fit. Donors will also be listed in our donations book of all those who have given money to St Marys for the development project.