Tuesday 5th September at 7pm – Bitton History Group – Reunion & Farewell to Upton Cheyney URC

Sadly, the lovely URC Chapel in Upton Cheyney is soon to close.  On Tuesday 5th September, 7pm for 7.30pm, the Bitton History Group is holding a special meeting at the chapel, focusing on its history but also providing the opportunity for people who have known and used the chapel to share their reflections and memories.

Find out how the chapel came to be built on a tradition of independent worship in this part of Bitton Parish.

URC Chapel, Wick Lane, Upton Cheyney, BS30 6NL
A secular event, refreshments available, everyone welcome, no charge for attending.
For more information, please contact: Mike Gates, Secretary Bitton Parish History Group, 07985 956454
Facebook: #Hanham, Longwell Green, Oldland and Bitton Memories