Try our Audio Descriptions

Twenty historic objects at St Mary’s  have been used to tell the stories of its past.  They range from the grand chancel to single memorials. Each one has a sound commentary that can be accessed using a smartphone and as you listen to the story a series of illustrations provides further context.

The objects chosen span a thousand years of history.  The oldest are the remnants of an ancient Rood a stone statue of Christ) carved around the year 1000AD that once dominated the church. The latest of the objects dates from just 23 years ago and the community project that created a Millennium Quilt, now on permanent display in the chapel of St Mary’s Church.

You can access the audio description for the Millennium Quilt here, but why not take a little time , this summer, to visit  St Mary’s and discover them all?

The church is open every day from 10am to 5pm during British Summertime.