The Mikado – Bath Gilbert & Sullivan Society – June 2023

A delightful event took place at St Mary’s on Saturday 24th June 2023, when the Bath Gilbert and Sullivan performed their concert version of The Mikado in the church.

All the pews were occupied for the performance that took place on a particularly warm June evening. The heat did not dent the enthusiasm of the harmonious chorus, and their were some fine solo performances not least by Adrian Cooper (Nanki-Poo), Robin Noad (Ko-Ko), Zoë Faullhurst (Yum-Yum), and Juliette Coad (Katisha).

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CONDUCTOR- Geoff Ditcham
ACCOMPANIST – Natalie Morton


The Mikado John Ditcham, Nanki-Poo Adrian Cooper, Ko-Ko Robin NoadPooh-Bah Nick Lee, Pish Tush Roger Taylor, Go-To Phiip Warren, Yum-Yum Zoe Faullhurst, Pitti-Sing Ruth Pugh, Peep-Bo Isobel Todd, Katisha Juliette Coad.

CHOIR: Catherine Anderson, Davina Appleton, Pierrette Bowden, Owen Cole,
Sue Crocker, Steve Curtis, Wendy Ditcham, John Ditcham, Steve Donovan, Paul Dyson,
Maie George, Barbara Goldsack, Daphne Hawkins, Viv Jackson, Cherry Lang,
Maddy Lovich, Sandra Macpherson, Robin Noad, Meg North, Roger Pine,
Lindy Plat, Fran Robson, Joy Schneiderman, Vivienne Taylor