The planned Shrove Tuesday event at St Mary’s has been postponed, as the new prototype pew will not be available.

An event had bene planned to offer all Bitton residents and fiends of the church to view and sit on the newly altered pew, but unfortunately it will not be available on time and so the event has bene postponed to a later date. We apologise to those who had been looking forward to this.

The cause is an injury (we understand unconnected to work on the pew) by the carpenter who was working on it.  He should be back to work soon, but the pew will not be available for viewing on 21st.

What’s happening to the pews

As part of the church’s Development Project, it is planned to reconfigure the existing pews retaining all of the individually carved ends made by local craftsman in the nineteenth century.  But the pews will then be ae to be moved, so that the church can be used more flexibly both for worship and community use.  The opportunity is also being taken to make the pews more comfortable.  It is planned to retain 10 rows of pews in the church,  just one less than the number as exist at present, so the traditional look of the church can also be retained.  New chairs are also planned for additional seating. when required.

It is hoped to hold the event sometime in March or early April.