Giving St Mary’s a Future

The plans for St Mary’s future have been coming together for some time and include new facilities being built on the south side of the church.  In the current phase, we are concentrating on the interior:

  • Making the pews mobile so that the main part of the church can be used in many new ways;
  • Updating our utilities, including sound, vision and lighting;
  • Installing a new floor providing greater accessibility and making room for new heating arrangements;
  • Conserving and cleaning the walls, removing years of grime and harmful pollution—cleaner walls will reflect light better.

In addition to the physical improvements we are:

  • Building on and celebrating the rich history and heritage of the church and its place in the local community;
  • Facilitating more events and usage of both the church and church hall;
  • Increasing our presence online and on social media.

Our vision is a place that everyone will feel comfortable to use.

A welcoming place; a place for reflection, worship and even pilgrimage; a place to attend  meetings, plays and shows; a place you can hire for an event with the assurance that it can provide an acceptable level of hospitality and comfort.

A place that we all want to visit and use.

Making use of the church in 2023: At the Autumn Fayre, the Gilbert & Sullivan Event and Teas during the Fête