A lot of us don’t feel as well off as we did.  But what if you depended solely only on the crops you could grow yourself or sell the things you make?  That’s how millions of people in the world live and often without the resilience to get through the bad times.

Christian Aid is a charity that works in some of the world’s poorest places.  Countries like Burundi where the focus is on helping people to be more resilient.  People like Ailene Christian Aid helped  to build herself up from being homeless to being in charge of a Village Savings and Loans Association that supports some 25 families.  You can read Aielene’s story by clicking on the MORE link below.

We’re holding a MEGA COFFEE MORNING at St Mary’s Church, Bitton on Saturday 18th May (10-12) to raise funds for Christian Aid and its work in countries like Burundi, one of the poorest in Africa.

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