Every Penny Helps

St Mary’s Church Fête on 2nd September is just a part of year round fundraising to maintain and run this ancient building that has served the Bitton Community for the best part of two millennia.

Our fête is strictly non-commercial.  All the profits go directly to church funds and help to make sure that services are available to all Bitton parishioners and that the church is open and welcoming to all.

Upkeep is largely dependent on the goodwill of the congregation, visitors and local events who have given generously over the years.  In spite of being listed as a grade 1 building,(the highest status), the church receives no regular funding from the Government or local authorities. Grants from charitable trusts and large donors such as the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust have contributed to restoration projects.  But it costs over £1000 every week just to meet our everyday costs.

Want to know more? This website is full of information about what the church has to offer today, its fascinating history, and plans to renew its role as an active centre for the whole community. Make use of its community pages and calendar of local events.