Parish Giving Scheme

Most parishes have for many years provided a means for people to give money on a regular basis through a standing order or by pledging to give a certain amount each week directly.  Money given in this way can be gift-aided by the giver pledging to waive the income tax benefit they could claim on the donation and give it to the church – that way each pound given by a taxpayer is worth about 25 pence more. But this system is time consuming and costly to manage and the recovery of gift aid tax only takes place once each year.

St Mary’s now uses The Parish Giving Scheme.  This scheme is more cost efficient because the costs of running the scheme are shared nationally.  It operates on a direct debit arrangement and, most importantly, it returns the gift aid element of the donation to the parish on a regular basis through the year.

One additional element of the Parish Giving Scheme is that those signing up can also agree to increasing their donation each year in line with inflation, if they wish.  In the longer term that is a real benefit as standing orders tend to remain the same for many years and people often don’t think about changing them.

One thing to emphasise is that the money raised from donations in the parish stay with the parish and gifts given through the scheme cannot be used elsewhere.  It is for the parish to decide how the money is used and where it goes.

If you would like to join the Parish Giving Scheme, please contact the Church Treasurer, John Bennetts  or one of the churchwardens.  Alternatively you can set up your donation online directly by clicking the button below. Your gift will be greatly appreciated.