PCC Churchyard Management Regulations (2008)


 In addition to the Churchyard Regulations issued by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bristol (the Bristol Diocese Regulations)  the Parochial Church Council of St Mary’s Bitton (the PCC) adopted the following Management Rules on 1 July 2008 in order to preserve the dignity of the Churchyard and to ease its management.


Due to restricted space only the following are entitled to burial in St Mary’s Churchyard where the opening of a new grave is required  –

 1          Members of St Mary’s Church or Bitton Methodist Church, their spouses and their children under 18 or living at home.

2          Spouses of those already buried in the Churchyard.

3          Residents of the ecclesiastical parish.

4          Those whose last home of their own had been in the ecclesiastical parish, but who had moved away because of age or infirmity.


B          MEMORIALS

 1          On Graves

            The Vicar of St Mary’s in his or her discretion may grant permission for a memorial provided that –

  1. a) It conforms with paragraphs 4 and 6 of the Diocesan Regulations and
  2. b) Any pictorial engraving proposed is not coloured.

2          On Cremation plots

The Vicar of St Mary’s in his or her discretion may grant permission for memorials on cremation plots taking the form of a horizontal slab measuring not more than 18 inches by 18 inches sunk into the ground so as to allow the mower to pass over it. The proposed inscription must be submitted to the Vicar for prior written approval and any pictorial engraving must not be coloured.



 1          Graves and cremation plots may be decorated with bulbs or small annual plants.

2          Wreaths or cut flowers may be laid but the PCC may remove them when they appear to be withered.

3          Good quality artificial flowers may be placed between November and the end of February but the PCC may remove them outside these months.

4          Christmas tributes may be placed in December and remain during January but the PCC may remove them outside these months.

5          Other items of tribute may be placed for a period of three months from the date of burial or interment of ashes but the PCC may remove them at the end of that period.

6          Any power exercisable by the PCC under these regulations may be delegated to a person or persons deputed to care for the day to day upkeep and maintenance of the Churchyard.